I see blogging as being a somewhat more “free” style of writing. Since you don’t always know your audience and they most likely do not know you personally, it seems easier for those writing to post strong opinions and emotional content. I do think this style of writing has a big place in our new digital world as blogging is all about connecting with a wide audience. It is also interesting to read through the comments others make as often these comments take the original content in a totally different direction that the author may not have anticipated. When you open your writing to the world for comments, there is opportunity to include so many more views on a topic and add important content. What I enjoy about blogs I have read is that you can scan quickly to find content you are interested in and easily link to others’ blogs for more info as well.

I really enjoyed reading the educational blogs and see such a benefit from this style of linking to others.  The blog on not assigning homework allows a community of like thinkers to share possibly controversial ideas in a safe environment.  The original “poster” may not have been free to have this conversation at his school but can openly express himself on his blog.   Blogs also provide students who may not feel like they have a voice in their school with an opportunity to begin conversations such as the Students 2.0 blog and Patrick’s Update  blogs.  Educators have much to learn about educating students from the students’ perspectives and blogs are a great way to share this information.

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  1. Karen,

    I love the blogging atmosphere because it is a way to communicate but as an educator you still have the control. It the wave of the future….

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